What is the ERTEK system

  • The construction method in a glance
  • The ERTEK building system in a glance

Description of the attributes of the structural skeleton

  • Technical features
  • Elements of the structural skeleton
  • Reduced weight and anti-earthquake behavior

Economy of construction

  • Production of the structural skeleton
  • The utility of the structural skeleton as infrastructure for the completion of the construction
  • Consequences of the reduced time of production on the economy of the construction

Example case study of the ERTEK system

  • Production cost
  • Duration of the production process


  • Time and cost schedule of a building project
  • 3D model of the structural skeleton
  • Visualization of the structural elements




Responding to the demand of reduction of both the cost and the time of construction, as well as the improvement of the quality of the built space, the company ERTEK SA started in 1988 the production of an integrated building system, by adopting and independently promoting a partial product of the rich research activity of the architect Dimitris Papanikolaou.
The ERTEK building system achieves important performance concerning the economy, the production time, as well as the quality of the building construction. It is based on a lightweight strong structural skeleton, made of reinforced concrete, which also constitutes the substratum of all the systems of a building. As opposed to both conventional building and prefabrication, the ERTEK construction method is not based on cumbersome infrastructure (it is applied without scaffolding and without industrial installations as well), while it does not require specialized labor; consequently, it can be practically applied by everyone.

ERTEK SA now focus in spreading the know-how. This practice had been both idea and intention of the researcher-architect Dimitris Papanikolaou. The spread of the know-how could result in the wide application of the ERTEK production method, through the competitive advantage that offers to the producers-entrepreneurs willing to adopt it.
This website contributes to the spread of the ERTEK know-how by including:

  • A detailed visual presentation of the system, including all the technical features, as well as the system's advantages over both conventional building and prefabrication. The documentation is provided as a spreadsheet which is free to download. The spreadsheet provides both cost and time scheduling of building projects of any scale. A CAD file which makes possible a rapid prototyping of 3D models of a structural skeleton, is also free to download.
  • Detailed 3D models of all the structural elements of the ERTEK system, their components, as well as their combination within the structural skeleton. These models include the technical definition of the building system, while make possible the accurate calculation of the volume of each material, as well as the production of technical drawings. Both the 3D models, as well as the analysis of the structural elements are available at a low price.
  • Both the detailed description of the whole production method, according to the schedule resulting from the spreadsheet and the detailed technical specifications that concern the production means, the materials, as well as every element of the construction, will be available as soon as the production and the cost evaluation of these documents is completed.